I do not think we have ever heard in the past the word Internationalization, as many times as this one it is mentioned today.

Nowdays everybody say, why don´t you export somewhere?. It is funny, because many corny jokes come to my mind, but you have to be prudent.

1. Were the companies sleeping?
Mexico or India? That is too far, I like to sell to french companies....and now? Where are you going to sell to?

2. Europe. Did Europe really think the other continents were never going to awake from their deep sleep and lonely walk towards a market economy model?

3. EXPORT MANAGERS. Do private companies take export seriously when they hire one person, whom they called Export Manager and proud of such effort, CEO tell to others, "we are facing an expansion process so to market our products worldwide"? It is supposed one person has to tackle by himself the world whilst the rest of the company are waiting in their headquarters, to see those international orders.
4.Is the strenght of the euro against the usd a strategy set up by countries and institutions so to force Europe stop exporting, as they have a great position with such a good exchange rate to buy from third counries?.

5. ILLNESS WELFARE. Somebody told me once about an epidemic called "illness welfare". It sounded quite familiar to what I was seeing in Europe. Good public schools, Public Healthcare systems, unemployment subsidies...social welfare. If there is nothing to fight for, I´ll do nothing. How to balance hard work and family is not easy, but countries are dying as business mindset is comfortable and warm around "Father State" arms.

7. EDUCATION. Should we tell to the majority of the students that are currently going to the university that, maybe when the finish their studies, they might be able to sell bread or milk (what, by the way is a great and decent business).

6. SMALL AND BIG LEADERS. Where are the leaders we heard about? I talked with somebody last week and he told me he had been in San Diego for a business trip. I was excited about it as this seemed to be a good experience along with a great opportunity to travel and work in a different business environment, which I suppose is an enriching experience. Well, he told me the trip by plane was tiring and that he wished the company could take him back there once in a while but not too often, as he was exhausted for the airplane transit time. Struggling for survival..........but not buffalo soldiers

I currently live in Spain, I do live in a residential area and my standard of living is good, however, work and clients might be demanding me to be in India. To move to India with your family is hard, but we can´t stay still, we have to do something.