Developed nations are worried about the current economic situation even more than developing countries and fast growing economies. It is hard to understand that highly skilled and well trained peers, with degrees, post-graduates, and years of working experience are shaking to death about their future. Finding ourselves surrounded by welfare and a healthy business fabric confers a sense of security and stability, that in a sudden, has melted away. I therefore infer that in countries where education, health system, justice and employment are not granted rights but an exception, they are not worried at all, as they are in the same place they were before the crisis started.

When the media writes or broadcasts the financial situation as if the whole world should be mourning the economical downward that developed countries are going through, I imagine the citizens from Mali, India, Senegal, Mexico, Bolivia or Camboya lighting their candles and praying, hoping their “developed brothers” may recover fast from such an awkward moment. I called up from Spain to my friend living in Mexico and my comment was, “well yes.. we have beaten the unemployment threshold of 4 million persons”, and he answered “ do not worry about it man, in Mexico there are 40 million persons trying to climb up the ladder out of poverty and the economic rhythm has not plummeted at all, what crisis are you talking about?”.

If we do examine an average education process of a person in a developed country, we do obtain the following phasing, 10 years for basic education, 4 years in high-school, 6 years in University, 2 years with a post-graduate degree, and assuming we are talking of a good student, we come out with 22 years devoting ourselves so to acquire “knowledge and wisdom” that will supposedly provide us with a survival – kit so to take part in recruitment processess launched by private companies, that are happy to get the most qualified professional for their companies. If the system worked out well, in 22 years of dedication to learning we all should be prepared to construct airplanes, vessels, cars, and sometimes we hardly know how to write certain words.

APJ Abdul Kalam writes in the preface of his book “Ignited Minds”, [ I am writing this book to make my young readers hear a voice that says, Start Moving]…[As it is said, Thinking is the Capital, Enterprise is the way, Hard Work is the solution]. Traditional education structures established in developed countries, paradoxically underpin a system where thinking and enterprise or private initiative, as a tool to accomplish personal and professional goals, are completely forgotten and ignored, advocating as the main premise “hard work”, that most of the times is nonsense as the effort is not properly focused. Developed countries need to realize that the leit-motif to gear their government bodies is in reverese order, and it is urgent to put back in order and coordinate in an harmonious way Thinking, Enterprise and Hard Work.

It is well known there are “External Forces” blocking the entry of genius into certain business environments as it is perceived with fear whatever and whoever is not under control. Qualification and sharpness cannot be considered a menace neither for a company that leads a business segment or for a person or group of persons who are in charge of certain tasks within an organization. Mediocrity should not prevent brilliance and witty to blossom from within as nowdays world economies are waiting for a Renaissance Movement that could unleash that hidden genius, which will play a key role so to untangle the chaos the market economy is involved at.

But there are also “Internal Forces” that impedes genius to spring up in each and every corner of our streets, cities and countries. Within layers of society flow biassed concepts on what to do for a living. It would be great to earn money from something we love to do, but sometimes we are driven to study or work at things so to follow a social stream, meeting a certain stereotype obtaining some sort of approval or recognition. Ken Robinson describes in his book “The Element” the art of connecting with our passions and individual talents as “the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at come together.” You find persons complaining about their line of work and I firmly believe this is the moment to pull up strenght from within and undertake those projects that have been settled on our inner thoughts waiting for a bold moment to be awaken and put them into action. If a person studies humanities and he discovers his real passion is to grow tomatoes or cucumbers and would love to have grocery stores round the country to sell its products, good for him!.

Hence if we do expell from our social framework, the external and internal forces that lay in a business environment, we come to the point that there are good opportunities for those with talent, education, decision making – authority and the passion to perform whatever they have always dreamt with. Human beings tend to find sparks in the outside world so to kick off their personal projects, and many times those clues come from insight thoughts during a time for reflection.

If citizens that belong to that group of developing nations have had the ability and have activated their creativity to run their own business or performed an inner-art for a living, professionals who live in developing nations, that have been provided with the survival-kit mentioned above, should at least open it and try it before it expires. If we, the professionals who live in developing nations keep blaming the state, nothing is going to happen, nobody will bring the bacon home and will solve out our problems. As I said before we have been given lots of years of educaction and now has come the moment to put into practice all we have been taught so to generate wealth. We have been behaving in an inactive manner, receiving public education, being assisted by a public health system, being protected by the state police, and now has come the time to generate wealth and profit on our benefit, wich will at the same time stimulate market economies.

Regarding Politicians they do not deceive people anymore as they have restricted credibility and this is a big problem becauase citizens worldwide will not step forward to put into action projects and plans unless they believe in a state that is responsible and likely to manage properly their needs and resources. Bail out plans to cover banks´ missmanagments should come along with a cost-cutting plan over government bodies as they have become too big for its boots. The math here is simple, income generating sums are lower than the bill amount that has to be paid by the state.

And now the problem is time, there is none to restructure government bodies or market economies from its roots, we have to react and the most selfish way to benefit ourselves is to start thinking on generating income from our own skills, as if we keep still, waiting for a personal bail out plan to be received at our mail-box, I can tell you, that moment will not come. To have the philosophy of reconstructing our countries as if we had had the third world war and have to build up the whole thing again would not be an exaggeration, as the market economy as we did know it till now has been destroyed by a whirlpool of errors and missmanagments.

The current situation brings a time of reflection that shall allow us to spend time thinking and planning what to do next. The hardest we fight individually so to squeeze at the utmost our strengths and skills, the faster we will lift our situation out of this economic turmoil we are sunken at. The time for a Renaissance is yet to come in each and every field that has lost the least level, progress and evolution demands, and such phenomenon shall not be accomplished unless we all push hard and forward, as if we had to attack the problem at the grass roots.

Spend some time thinking, searching for the project, setting the plan, choosing the tools, marketing your ideas, fitting the budget, reading books and magazines, listening to renowned people with background in the specific field you will be focused at, writing articles, essays, and pour into your project passion, and by doing this, you´ll find that niche or that place in the market you are comfortable with.

As a conclusion I encourage professionals to find their “Element” and to feel the fear of being competing in the pitch with other players. Do not get scare as by performing with ethics and effort you will always feel satisfied, but by not doing anything you will be lagged behind.

Lastly I would like to quote Sir. W. Churchill writting, in his renowned article called Never Give In, [“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.].. [Failure is not so much a physical state as a state of mind; success is falling down, and getting up one more time, without end].



Are we really that big or that important? Well, maybe not, but we should be the leading actor in our own live-film. Why not?


Hace apenas unas semanas, el Museo Americano de Historia Natural colgó en la red este espectacular vídeo, una reconstrucción informática que muestra un "viaje" desde la superficie de la Tierra hasta los límites del universo conocido.
Desde su publicación, casi dos millones de personas lo han visto ya en la web del museo, pero en España este excepcional trabajo sigue siendo prácticamente desconocido..
Lo que hace que este vídeo sea único y diferente a la mayoría de los que se han hecho hasta ahora es que todo lo que en él aparece está basado en datos reales. Es decir, que no se trata de un vídeo "artístico" realizado según simples criterios estéticos, sino de una auténtica reconstrucción, pieza a pieza, de todo lo que sabemos sobre el universo en que vivimos.
Todo, desde las trayectorias de los satélites que orbitan la Tierra, hasta la posición de todas las estrellas, galaxias o lejanísimos quasares, está basado exactamente en los datos que tenemos sobre cada uno de esos objetos. O para ser más precisos, en los datos del Sloan Digital Sky Survey, que componen la que quizá sea la visión más completa del universo de que disponemos hasta el momento.
A pesar de todo, y debido a la posición geográfica en la que se encuentra el telescopio de dos metros y medio del Apache Point Observatory, en Nuevo México, que es el que utiliza el Sloan Digital Sky Survey, existen zonas "oscuras", es decir, áreas del universo que el telescopio, físicamente, no puede observar. Por eso, en el vídeo, la distribución de las galaxias observadas tiene la forma de dos conos unidos por la punta (el punto de unión es la Tierra), y el resto aparece en negro.
En total, el trabajo comprende casi un millón de galaxias y más de 120.000 quasares. El viaje, que comienza en el Himalaya, termina en el límite mismo de lo que podemos observar con los instrumentos más potentes de ue disponemos, los ecos del Big Bang, a 13.700 millones de años luz de distancia, y sirve para que todos nos demos cuenta, de una forma directa y visual, de lo insignificantemente pequeño que es nuestro mundo, incluso nuestra galaxia, si se compara con todo lo que hay "ahí fuera"...



A great Example of how personal projects,well focused, on helping others to climbing up the ladder become a reality.

http://www.goingtoschool.com/ is a non for profit org based in New Delhi.

I believe world will be poorer if their inhabitants do not possess the right tool so to survive within this crazy world. The most important tool to be provided to fast growing economies and developing countries within this century is EDUCATION.

Developing actions may dive into the roots of development so to obtain a stable success. If you sow premium seeds you will harvest an excellent product, what will drive you to development and equality. Best seed ever found for development and stability is EDUCATION.



La dimisión no debe ser una decisión fácil en el ámbito privado o público, sin embargo se trata de un acto responsable de alguien que juzga sus actos incompatibles con la representación del cargo que ocupa.

¿Veremos esto en España? ¿Alguien que dimite por que se pone en entredicho sus declaraciones o sus decisiones?, ¿Tendremos en España alguna vez un Presidente negro, o de origen Marroquí, Ecuador o Nigeria? Esto debe ser para el siguiente siglo......

¿Quién impide que la moral y la evolución se introduzcan en este país, que cada día tiene un reconocimiento internacional como Norte de Africa y no como Sur de Europa. Y no se trata de un concurso de Eurovisión sino de algo muy serio como la organización racional de un estado en todas sus áreas.

Objetivos de un país con espíritu competitivo:

  • Importemos los modelos de fabricación y tecnología de Alemania y no su corriente xenófoba
  • Importemos el modelo universitario de Estados Unidos y no el modelo de negocio de las hamburguesas
  • Importemos el modelo de gestión financiera de Suiza y no solamente sus relojes
  • Importemos el modelo de educación básica que está haciendo a India una primera potencia mundial en el área de la informática y no solamente el curri o el incienso
  • Importemos el modelo de disciplina laboral de Japón y no solamente sus coches
  • Importemos el modelo de tecnología de automoción de Italia y no solo sus pizzas
  • Importemos el modelo de tecnología móvil de suecia y no solamente sus zuecos

¿Por qué no tomamos aquello que nos aporta valor y simplemente aquello que nos mantiene hipnotizados en beneficio de otras potencias?

Buen Fin de Semana.

Wall Stree Journal- June 3rd



Aquí tenemos un ejemplo de la necesidad urgente de adaptar nuestros productos a las necesidades reales del mercado con mayor potencial del mundo actualmente, las economías emergentes. No podemos pretender incorporar el nivel de tecnología que actualmente se utiliza en Europa, pues haciendo las cosas más sencillas estaremos cubriendo las necesidades de estas economías a un coste asumible por sus recursos económicos, permitiéndoles cubrir un mayor número de necesidades.

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